Ethics in Fundraising are team of award winning individuals expert at delivering fundraising and awareness campaigns for the charity sector.

We pride ourselves on being professional, ethical and as passionate about the charities we represent as our clients are.

We work with charities to increase long term quality income streams, to promote and improve the visibility of their causes. We do this by building long lasting relationships with private site owners and the general public that visit them, whilst maintaining industry leading levels of compliance.

We have an extended network of over 200 professional fundraisers and growing.

Ultimately we work with charities by lessening their pressure to fundraise and enabling them to better focus on achieving their long term goals  and therefore enabling them to better help the beneficiaries the charity was set up to help.

Whether you're a charity wanting to increase your visability,

a business needing assistance with your social responsibility, or an experienced fundraiser looking to take your career to the next level, we look forward to hearing from you.

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